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27 November 2005 @ 05:46 pm
After my other failed Legacy attempt (The LeStrange family, who went to their fourth generation and I lost interest), I decided to give it another go. I also missed my LeStrange Legacy founder, Peter, something terrible. Which is why you'll find that my current founder, Sirius, looks a bit similar to Peter. Poor Peter was stuck with my terrible graphics card and old laptop, while Sirius looks quite pretty with a new laptop and killer graphics card.

Sirius Black
Family Sim

Neatness: 8
Outgoing: 3
Playful: 3
Nice: 8

...in which Sirius is full of himself and Brandi LeTourneau really IS attractiveCollapse )

Next time on The Young Sims: The Black Legacy - Brandi goes to a hairdresser and finally gets a new set of clothes. The second generation is born.
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27 March 2005 @ 07:18 pm
This would be my third shot at the Legacy Challenge. My third generation heir is already a child, but I'm guessing that might be a bit too graphic-heavy, so we'll just focus on the first generation, shall we?

Meet Peter LeStrange, a family Sim, and one of the sweetest Sims I've had so far (and also attractive, as far as Sims go). Blue eyes, eyeliner, black floppy hair, freckles...why can't we make people from Sims? Cause that'd be awwwwesome.

Part One: In which our hero finds himself enamored in strangers' rear ends, meets the love his life and isn't afraid to skip. Graphic IntenseCollapse )

Next time on The Young Sims:
Demi gives birth while Peter whines about changing diapers and being the only man in the household. Wha.