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27 March 2005 @ 07:18 pm
The LeStrange Legacy: Part One  
This would be my third shot at the Legacy Challenge. My third generation heir is already a child, but I'm guessing that might be a bit too graphic-heavy, so we'll just focus on the first generation, shall we?

Meet Peter LeStrange, a family Sim, and one of the sweetest Sims I've had so far (and also attractive, as far as Sims go). Blue eyes, eyeliner, black floppy hair, freckles...why can't we make people from Sims? Cause that'd be awwwwesome.

Peter LeStrange is a simple Sim, so when he finally moves out of his parents' house with little to no money, he isn't worried about his living conditions.

All he needs are the essentials, after all.

After securing a job in the slacker career track, Peter decides to brush up on his cooking skills. After all, one cannot live on lunchmeat sandwiches if one plans on having a big family.

Despite the fact that he did not invite anyone in, they sauntered in anyway. Apparently, no walls is an open invitation in Simville. Peter is shocked.

After his first day of work, he decides to unwind by playing chess. This becomes one of his favourite activities (other than producing and adopting children later in life).

After about five days, I thought maybe poor Peter would have to try and pick up the first female he met, which happened to be Gretchen (and consindering the genetics of both parties, I have a feeling those kids would have been even less attractive than a couple of them turned out with his wife). Not that it mattered much anyway, Gretchen hated him.

I was extremely happy when Peter decided to bring home Demi Love from work, a sweet-faced girl who took a liking to Peter instantly.

It took only a few hours of playing kicky ball....

...and incessant tickling before they both developed heavy crushes and became best friends.

Peter's also not afraid to skip in public to greet the love of his life.

And he shows it by pulling out all of the smooth moves...

...allowing her to punch him (and apparently, she punches hard. She pissed him off once by really laying one on him)...

...giving her a backrub...

...and holding hands.

This will be a reccuring theme in the span of the LeStrange/Dallas legacy (long story, but apparently my second generation heir decided to be traditional and despite asking him to marry her, took his last name).

As will this. He seems rather proud of his green cloud, doesn't he?

The next day, after getting home from work, Peter invites Demi over. This was his greeting. They fell in love instantly.

And Peter begins planning for the future. Moving a bit fast, there, LeStrange.

I adored these two from the beginning. They're both so incredibly sweet.

I love this one. Peter shakes his arse a bit and Demi is focused on the easle beside his bathroom. Her paintings now sell for well over 1000 Simoleons.

After a little while, Peter began doing this autonomously. He loves rear ends, he does.

Peter finally asked Demi to move in and she agreed instantly. Once the walls were up, she paid him back by tickling him as well. This family loves playing about.

Recurring theme, I tell you.

This is the only close-up I have of Demi this way because right after she finished that meal...

...I made her over. I adore her like this. I always had high hopes for their children. Those are some good genes in that family.

Peter furthers his charm on his live-in girlfriend. Except for one occasion when Demi lectured him, their relationship stayed at 100/100.

Couple's first woohoo. Something to write home about (I kid, really).

Finally, Peter decides to pop the question.

The first in a large amount of my absolute favourite Legacy images. Look how happy. Aw.

(Don't ask me what happened with the flash, I couldn't get rid of it)

The first in a long series of toasts that lasted ages.

And Severus Snape crashes the party while Peter complains about his hygiene.

Peter is a good sport about it until the party ends. Then he heads off for the shower and bed while Demi goes on their honeymoon alone.

And reappears less than a minute later, all of her bars green.

The minute Demi gets home, Peter decides they should definitely try for a baby now. Definitely.

With obvious results.

Next time on The Young Sims:
Demi gives birth while Peter whines about changing diapers and being the only man in the household. Wha.
kaddus on April 16th, 2005 07:50 am (UTC)
Ah yes... the forever lasting toasts....
bluediamond421bluediamond421 on May 19th, 2005 10:34 pm (UTC)
They go on honeymoons?

Anyway, the last name thing goes like this: Whichever last name is the one that is shared by more other people in the neighborhood is the one that gets taken. It took me a while to figure out. So:
-- If one Sim is made up as an adult or a college student, and the other was raised in the neighborhood from a child or baby, then the latter's name gets taken.
-- If both Sims have family in the neighborhood, but one has 3 relatives and the other has 2, then the former's name gets taken. (Dirk Dreamer was in college when Darren and Cassandra got married; therefore Darren's last name is now Goth.)
-- If both Sims are made up as adults or college students, and not married yet, they will both share the last name of whoever moves into the house first (combining households). Good thing too, 'cause I really didn't like the name Swain.