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27 November 2005 @ 05:46 pm
The Black Legacy: Part One  
After my other failed Legacy attempt (The LeStrange family, who went to their fourth generation and I lost interest), I decided to give it another go. I also missed my LeStrange Legacy founder, Peter, something terrible. Which is why you'll find that my current founder, Sirius, looks a bit similar to Peter. Poor Peter was stuck with my terrible graphics card and old laptop, while Sirius looks quite pretty with a new laptop and killer graphics card.

Sirius Black
Family Sim

Neatness: 8
Outgoing: 3
Playful: 3
Nice: 8

Let me introduce you to Sirius Black, of the prestigous Black Family. Recently, he's moved from his parents house to strike out on his own in the town of LeGaci and make a name for himself outside of the family. Unfortunately, when he left his father gave him a meager 20000 simoleons.

No matter. Sirius recently found that he doesn't mind being on his own. Living by his own rules, paying for his own clothes and food. He couldn't understand why people complained about it so much.

His happiness could also be attributed to Ms Brandi LeTourneau, who showed up at his welcoming party. The minute she stepped into his house, he found himself awed by her. She was nothing like the girls back home. Sure, she was a bit plain and had that horrid ponytail, but she laughed at his jokes, she was sweet and he had a nagging feeling that she quite liked him.

After all, how could she not? Sirius found the very idea preposterous.

Unfortunately, on his first night in his new home, he managed to set his microwave on fire. His microwave. It was a good thing none of his family members were around to see this. They would have found it ridiculously amusing.

Now, now, Sirius, it's alright. The nice fireman has just bound into your house to safe the day. Put your arm down before he takes it off amid his bounding.

That night, he went off on his first day of work. As a military man. The very thought of how his mother would react to this development filled him with glee. Maybe he would phone her when he got back. Let her know how his first day went ;)

Upon returning home from work, Sirius immediately phoned Brandi. He was crestfallen when he heard her answering machine. All day at work he had been thinking of ways to ask her over for a nice date. Sure, he could only make TV dinners and open up instant meals for them both, but when one is near Sirius Black, one does not need petty things such as nice food. Or walls.

Finally, he managed to reach her that evening. She had been out shopping with her friends that day as there had been a massive sale at the mall. She was sorry she'd missed his call. Would she like to come over tonight? Why, of course! She was looking forward to it even.

An interesting thing happened when she arrived that night. Sirius, having delved into his emergency alcohol supply, greeted her before she could even get anywhere near his door, grabbed her and pulled her close, crashing his lips against hers. Somewhere in the back of his mind, a voice screamed at him to slow down, to stop. He was sure to have frightened her off.

Instead, when he released her, she fanned herself and giggled, telling him in a high voice that she was quite happy to see him, too. While he did not have any lights in his house, he could have sworn he saw a blush creep into her cheeks.

Sirius Black, you've done it again.

The next day, he awoke with a slight hangover and a desperate need to play pool. So, he dug into the last of his money, and purchased a lovely pool table. Yes, Mr Black, you still have that magic pool touch.

That very night, Sirius learned the meaning of the phrase "moving too fast." He attempted a rather flirty move on Brandi and she rejected him. Oh, Sirius, when will you ever learn?

Despite this low blow, he was determined to make things between himself and Brandi a bit more solid. So, after she was done cooking them both hamburgers (cooking, she could cook), he stopped her while she was cleaning and asked her to move in with him. After all, he had spare room on his property and she lived in a horrid apartment downtown. This was the best thing for both of them. Brandi laughed and gave him a sweet kiss. He counted that as a good sign.

Upon moving in, Brandi decided to have a change of style along with her change of address. Unfortunately, she couldn't scrounge up enough money for a haircut and a new set of clothes, so she settled for the haircut and a bit of makeup. Sirius likey

With Brandi's 3000 simoleons and the last Sirius' money, they invested in walls, carpeting, some nice floral wallpaper and a few lights. Brandi said she couldn't stand living in a house with no lighting or walls.

The next morning, Brandi went off to work at the local high school. It turns out she was a knowledge sim with a job as a Science teacher. Now, Sirius despised Science. In fact, the very thought of it made him a bit nauseous. But when Brandi talked about it, he adored it.

Things were definitely looking up for our dear Sirius. He had even been promoted to drill instructor at work. Drill instructor. Now he could yell at people and get paid for it. This definitely deserved his victory shimmy.

He stared at the growing town of LeGaci and its empty homes. One day this would all be his and a new generation of Blacks would inherit LeGaci.

Things at home were progressing quite well. While he and Brandi had been sleeping in the sam bed every night, it had been completely innocent. Up to this point, at least. Sirius proposed that they...erm...try something new.

When Brandi grinned, he grinned in return. He could safely say that, up to this point, tonight had to be the best night of his life.

But what's this? A wedding set up at the home of Sirius Black and Brandi LeTourneau? Oh, yes. Sirius had proposed the morning after and Brandi had happily agreed.

One day in the middle of August when everything was cool and faintly brown, Brandi became Mrs Brandi Black and Sirius became one of the happiest men alive. Or at least in LeGaci.

Sirius' favourite part of the wedding? The honeymoon, of course ;)

Next time on The Young Sims: The Black Legacy - Brandi goes to a hairdresser and finally gets a new set of clothes. The second generation is born.
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simmiesims on November 28th, 2005 01:01 am (UTC)
oh I love it!
Lola L.: draco bubbleslola_thursday on November 28th, 2005 02:01 am (UTC)
Aw. Sirius is so cute! He looks so very earnest. And Brandi is indeed quite pretty.

Mind if I ask you--you said you're using a laptop for this--What type of system are you using? TS2 keeps crashing my computer, and I've had to temporarily abandon my Malfoy and Potter families. I'd like to get a new laptop that could handle The Sims. Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks!
marp2003 on November 28th, 2005 02:52 pm (UTC)
This is awesome!!! I love HP themed sims stories. :D And your narration is funny and witty! Great job!
woohollywoo on November 28th, 2005 09:06 pm (UTC)
eeep at sirius black! :)

this is cute. ♥